Metal Tube and Pipe Industry

Common Abbreviations/Terms

Hello thank you for visiting! Today we are going to go over a few common abbreviations in the pipe and tube community.  I am going to keep it quick and easy for my first blog post here at  I notice from time to time customers asking what does DOM stand for, or what is HRS?  Today we will cover just the abbreviations and what their long form is.  We will go into further details on future blog posts.

  • DOM – Drawn Over Mandrel
  • HRS – Hot Rolled Seamless
  • HFS – Hot Finish Seamless
  • CDS – Cold Drawn Seamless
  • HREW – Hot Rolled Electric Weld
  • CREW – Cold Rolled Electric Weld
  • P&O – Pickled and Oiled
  • HSS – Hollow Structural Steel
  • SRA – Stress Relieved Annealed
  • ANN – Annealed
  • SMLS – Seamless
  • WLD – Welded
  • STLS – Stainless
  • SS – Stainless Steel
  • Q&T – Quenched and Tempered
  • AKDQ – Aluminum Killed Drawing Quality

We will add to this list as needed. Thanks for visiting!