Reference Formulas for Metal Tube and Pipe

There are a few formulas available to estimate the nominal weight per foot for tube and pipe. Please see the formulas below.

Pipe and tube dimensions tolerances can vary. For some pipe sizes, a ten percent difference in weight would still fall within allowed specs, so consider these formulas to get an approximate weight per foot:

  • Round steel pipe and tube: 10.68 x (OD – WT) x WT
  • Square and Rectangular steel tube: (2 x (WT) x (h + w – 8 x (WT)) + 9.4248 x (WT x WT)) x 3.40277
  • Round aluminum (6061) pipe and tube: 3.6945 x (OD – WT) x WT
  • Round aluminum (6063) pipe and tube: 3.6568 x (OD – WT) x WT

OD = Outside Diameter (to 3 decimal places X.XXX)
WT = Wall Thickness (to 3 decimal places X.XXX)
h = Height
w = Width
Circumference of a Circle = Diameter x 3.1416
To find Wall Thickness: Outside Diameter – Inside Diameter ÷ 2
To find Outside Diameter: Inside Diameter + (2 x Wall Thickness)
To find Inside Diameter: Outside Diameter – (2 x Wall Thickness)